The complete Wraith Apex Legends Lore

The complete Wraith Apex Legends Lore

Wraith is one of the most popular and most used legends in Apex Legends. She has a very interesting backstory and lore. Although, she is still on the path of uncovering her past and finding answers. Let’s take a look at the Wraith Apex Legends Lore.

Details about Renee Blasey aka Wraith in the ARES DIvision IMC

The story of Wraith is massively connected to the Titanfall Universe and I have covered the related information in the first half. The details here are collected from ‘Stories from the Outlands – Voidwalker’ and ‘Apex Legends: Pathfinder’s Quest (Lore Book)’.

IMC and the research on the “Ark”

IMC had a research department called the ARES Division. The in-charge of ARES was ‘General Elias Marder’ during the last leg of the Frontier Wars. ARES was led to uncover an ancient technology called the “Fold Weapon” on the planet Typhon. Typhon is Wraith’s home planet and the ARES headquarters.

The Fold Weapon on Typhon used by the IMC ARES Division

The Fold Weapon had the ability to transform planets, create life and even huge scale destruction. IMC had an objective to use this weapon to destroy its rival Militia. But the Fold Weapon needed a key component called the “Ark”. The Ark is insanely powerful and can warp/bend time & matter.

The Ark was transferred from the dig site to the Fold Weapon. General Marder hired the Apex Predators to protect the Ark. Apex Predators is a mercenary group led by former IMC pilot and infamous Apex Legend, “Kuben Blisk”. He is currently the commissioner of the Apex Games. He split from the IMC and joined the Mercenary Syndicate.

Wraith home planet Typhon blew up because of General Elias Marder

Marder wanted to destroy the Militia’s home planet of Harmony. But a single rifleman and his mentor’s Titan from the Frontier Militia stopped Marder. They were Pilot Jack Cooper and BT-7274 (story in Titanfall 2 game). The pilot stopped the Fold Weapon and the weapon backfired destroying Typhon itself.

Many Apex Predators lost their lives including Kane, Richter, Slone, Viper and Ash (still alive).  Also, some IMC scientists died as well. The Ark still exists but its location is unknown. Research from ARES continued in the Singh Labs in Kings Canyon on planet Solace.

Wraith’s ability to phase shift and form dimensional rifts share qualities similar to the Ark. Wraith beleives that she was involved in the research of the Ark on Typhon.

How Wraith lost her Memory and her Origins

Wraith’s real name is “Renee Hope Blasey” and she lived on the planet Typhon. She was a Senior Science Pilot for the IMC. Renee joined Singh Labs as an employee during a research. She was working with her colleague Amer Singh on the phase-jumping technology.

She volunteered for an important experiment and lost her memory in the process. Singh took advantage of this and locked Wraith up. She as given a false name of Jane Doe and was drugged, exploited and experimented on. Singh did this to take full credit of the research.

Wraith says that there are numerous dimensions called the Alternate Dimensions. Every step or choice a person makes creates a new dimension. She sees the alternate dimensions simultaneously when she enters the “Void” – the place in between realities/dimensions. The Wraiths from all the dimensions warn each other of any dangers via “Voices”.

Wraith as Voidwalker in the Void

The Wraith we know is actually from a different dimension and swapped places with Wraith from this dimension. She came here in order to find answers about herself and her past. The Wraith from this dimension swapped into the other dimension to kill Amer Singh for what he did to her. This might be confusing, so you can watch the video below for more clarity.

As it turns out Amer Singh is already dead in present and many dimensions. But IMC won in a few dimensions and Amer Singh is still alive in those dimensions.

When “our” Wraith came from the other dimension, she arrived in Kings Canyon in the year 2727. At that time, Kings Canyon was being built for the Apex Games by the engineer scientist and Wattson’s father Luc Paquette. Wraith went to the burnt Singh Labs to uncover whatever truth she can find.

Wraith arrived in Kings Canyon on Solace looking for answers

Then the whole story with Wattson happened. Wattson thought Wraith was a ghost and was later saved by her in the burning forest. Know more about this story by clicking here.

After that burning of glass forest incident, Wraith was told by Luc Paquette to leave the island as he will bury the Labs. Luc inadvertently gave the name “Wraith” to Renee while he was addressing her. Wraith left via a boat prepared for her by Luc at the docks. She left for Solace City which is North of the Kings Canyon island.

Wraith original new employee registration form for ARES

But Wraith came back when the Labs were excavated during the post – Repulsor Tower renovation. Since then, Wraith is looking for answers throughout the Singh Labs about her birth, parents, children and basically anything related to her.

For those who are wondering about Wraith’s heirloom/knife/kunai, whatever you want to call it, It was given to Wraith by her dimensional self (Voidwalker) when she was rescued by the her.

Wraith heirloom knife or kunai

Hope you liked this Wraith Lore Apex Legends. You can checkout more Apex Legends Lore/Backstory about Lifeline, Bloodhound and more on this website. Add any extra information or questions in the comments below.


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