The complete Wattson Lore Apex Legends

The complete Wattson Lore Apex Legends

Wattson is a legend with defensive abilities. She is a master of electricity and quantum laser mechanics. She has achieved such vast knowledge in mere 22 years of age. Let’s take a look at this interesting character. This is the Wattson Lore in Apex Legends and Titanfall universe.

Complete Wattson Lore Apex Legends

The details and information are gathered from Apex Legends Pathfinder’s Quest: Lore Book, Seasonal Quest Stories and other developer sources.


Origins of Wattson & Building the Apex Games

Natalie Paquette” aka Wattson, was born on the planet Solace in the Outlands. Her father, “Luc Paquette“, was a known scientist and lived in ‘Elhead Bay‘. Her mother died when she was a baby. Wattson’s father raised her among the robot MRVNs in abandoned IMC labs.

Her father then got a contract to build a power grid for the Apex Games by the “Syndicate“. They moved to Kings Canyon when she was 12 for this contract. It was Kuben Blisk” who dreamt of bringing back the Thunderdome bloodsports and revamping it into Apex games after the Frontier War.

The Apex Games was the idea of Kuben Blisk
Kuben Blisk

Natalie spent her days reading her father’s books and experimenting in the labs. She figured out the whole science behind electricity at a very young age. Her father thought she spent her time playing with her toys, Nessies. Wattson had no memory of her mother except for the original stuffed Nessie she made for her.

Nessie given to Wattson by her mother

Although the foundations and power grid from the IMC reign were utilized, but they still had to do a lot of work. They had to make loot bins, computer networks, nanotechnology respawn beacons, underwater motion activated whirlpools so that competitors don’t swim away and many more. This all took about 5 years to develop.

Kings Canyon on Solace built for Apex Games Bloodsport
The first look of Kings Canyon ready for the Apex Games Bloodsport

But Blisk wanted one more addition, the “Ring“. This was to compel the competitors to fight each other and not just hide or camp in corners of the map. The Ring was intended to make the Apex Games more entertaining. But Wattson’s father couldn’t find a way to create a Ring that would not harm the environment.

Creation of the Ring by Wattson

Wattson discovered an old 21st century device named ‘Active Denial System‘, also called the heat ray. She got an idea to create a shrinking Ring system using that ADS and the bubble shield technology. The light waves will fill the bubble shield with ‘scarlet energy‘ without hurting the environment.

Wattson created the Ring in Apex Games
Wattson with her father

Only living creatures sustain long-term effect from the ring. And the ‘Repulsor Tower‘ already kept the wildlife away from the Kings Canyon island. Wattson needed 2 bubble shields which she saw in the abandoned labs by the ‘Glass Forests‘.

Apex Legends Repulsor Tower in Kings Canyon
The Repulsor Tower in the background

There she sensed someone’s or something’s presence in the labs. She took the bubble shields for the Ring prototype. On her way in she saw what she believed was a “ghost”. It was a woman with milky dead eyes with a knife in hand. The ghost repeatedly told Wattson to leave. A scared Natalie ran away from the labs.

The ghost Wattson saw was Wraith

She couldn’t wait and decided to perform the trial of the Ring in the forest itself. The testing was going successfully but an unfortunate event happened on that rainy night. A lightning bolt hit the generator causing a huge spark. Wattson was thrown far away by the energy surge.

Nat was paralyzed and couldn’t move. She grew unconscious as the trial was going on. The fire from the generator spread throughout the forest but Wattson couldn’t get up. A mysterious figure saved her and carried her to father’s cabin.

The Glass Forest was renamed as the Shattered Forest
Aftermath of the fire – now the Shattered Forest

Wattson later came to know that the ghost she saw in the labs and the mysterious person who saved her was “Wraith”. Wraith was hiding in those labs trying to figure out her identity those days.

This accident was unfortunate and left a Lichtenberg figure as a scar on Wattson’s cheek. But the experiment was a success and the Ring was successfully incorporated into the Apex Games. Sadly, her father died soon after the Ring’s discovery.

Wattson's Lichtenberg figure on her left cheek as scar due to electric bolt
The scar on Wattson’s cheek due to the accident

She gave the credit for the Ring to her father in his honour. Wattson had support from the Apex Legends like Lifeline, Bangalore, Gibraltar and even Caustic during her loneliness and grief. She then joined the Apex Games to give her life a reason and help her friends. Blisk made her a legend bypassing the qualifying matches because of her contribution to the Apex Games.

Wattson’s paternal Grandparents (Extras)

Her grandfather was “Emile Paquette” and was a well-known chemist on the planet Gridiron.

Her grandmother, “Dr. Amelie Paquette“, was a geologist and called ‘Mother of Minerals’. Dr. Amelie P. was working on the Energy Crisis of the Outlands. She is also one of the creators of Pathfinder. She died in a mysterious lab explosion on the planet Psamathe.

Dr. Amelie Paquette Pathfinder's Creator

This is all you need to know about our sweet legend Natalie Paquette. Hope you liked this complete Wattson Lore nd Backstory from Apex Legends. You can add any extra information you have or questions in the comments below.

(Image credits to EA and Respawn Entertainment)


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