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Warzone Best Settings for VISIBILITY

Call of Duty Warzone is a dull game in terms of color saturation and lighting. This can make spotting enemies very difficult for most players. Also, some people might just want a colorful warzone experience just like Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War developed by Treyarch.

I have showcased below warzone best settings for visibility and how to improve it. These settings are used by pros to spot the enemies way better than their opponents. Remember, these settings are only for improving visibility and not for improving frame rates.

Just to show you how best warzone settings turn out be, here are comparison images of outdoor and indoor.

With that said, I would like to add that these settings won’t affect your game FPS whatsoever, except for one which I have mentioned ahead.

The steps you have to follow is divided into 2 parts:

  2. NVIDIA FILTERS (This option is available only for PC players with NVIDIA graphics card)

In-Game Warzone Best Settings

These are the warzone best settings that can be used by console as well as PC players. The in-game warzone settings can be adjusted in 3 major ways:

  1. BRIGHTNESS: The brightness level generally comes under player preference. But I would recommend keeping it between 52 and 55 for best results with upcoming settings.

Options > General > Screen > Brightness > Your Value (preferably 53)

  1. COLORBLIND TYPE: This Warzone visual setting is often left unattended. Selecting a colorblind type (even if you aren’t colorblind), can make the game look more vibrant than its original dull unsaturated state.

Options > General > Accessibility >

  • Colorblind Type > Deuteranopia
  • Colorblind Target > Both
  1. POST-PROCESSING EFFECTS: These effects, if not set properly, can ruin your warzone experience. The recommended settings in this category are shown as follows:

Options > Graphics > Post Processing Effects >

  • Anti-Aliasing: This is the setting which I previously mentioned that affects your frame rate.
    • OFF – This results in jagged lines at object edges. But this gives you best frame rates.
    • SMAA 1x – Use this for minimum loss in frame rate and smoothing of edges up to some extent.
    • SMAA 2x – This is the setting I use because the game looks much appalling with about 4-5 frames loss in frame rate.
    • Filmic SMAA – I won’t recommend this due to severe loss in frame rate up to 8-9 frames.
  • Depth of Field: Turn this to “DISABLED” if not already. This blurs your peripheral vision when you ADS (Aim Down Sight), which is bad for visibility.
  • Filmic Strength: Put this to “0” if anti-aliasing is SMAA2x or above, else put this to “1”. This is what is recommended by the game, but I haven’t found any difference personally.
  • World and Weapon Motion Blur: This adds blur when you rotate your camera angle and hence must be “DISABLED” just like Depth of Feld.
  • Film Grain: Put this to “0” as it adds noise to your screen which you definitely don’t want.

NVIDIA Filters for visibility

Filters can enhance the Warzone visibility settings by a lot. Unfortunately, these settings can’t be done by console players and players with an AMD graphics card.

Before we start discussing the settings, make sure you have ‘NVIDIA GeForce Experience’ installed on your PC. If not, you can head over the link below and download it from there.


Once you have downloaded it, you have to enable ‘in-game overlay’ in the general settings. The shortcut will be displayed there as “Alt + Z”.

Now, you have to open the game and once its loaded, press the shortcut keys “Alt + Z” to open the overlay.

You will find ‘Game Filter’ on the top left. Select that option to add filter for warzone best settings for visibility. You can also just press “Alt + F3” instead of “Alt + Z” to directly open the game filter menu.

Remember these are my recommended warzone pro settings and are best suited for my monitor. These will work fine for you also, but you can come up with the best for your screen by playing with the settings.

  1. BRIGHTNESS / CONTRAST: Adding this filter will let you control the lights in the environment and spot clearly in the dark corners of buildings.

Exposure= 0, Contrast= 30, Highlights= -100, Shadows= -70, Gamma= 13

  1. COLOR: This filter lets you play with the vibrance and saturation of game to customize it to your preference.

Tint Color= 14, Tint Intensity= 14, Temperature= -10, Vibrance= 83

  1. SHARPEN: This is the most important because it sharpens the objects and make them distinguishable.

Sharpen= 61, Ignore Film Grain= 100

These were the best Warzone settings for visibility and surely will improve your gameplay. Stay tuned for more Warzone guides.

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