The new Valkyrie Apex Legends Lore

The new Valkyrie Apex Legends Lore

Apex Legends announced Season 9 which will be releasing on 4th of May 2021. Valkyrie is the new legend arriving this season. Her abilities include hovering in the air, cluster missiles and more (unconfirmed yet). This new season is highly anticipated by the Titanfall fans.

Apex Legends Valkyrie Lore

Now let’s take a look at the Apex Legends Valkyrie Lore which we get to know in the Stories from the Outlands.

Valkyrie Origins

Valkyrie is the callsign for Kairi Imahara, currently one of the best pilots in the Outlands. Her father was Viper, a pilot and ‘Apex Predator‘ working under the command of the infamous Kuben Blisk. She was really amused and interested in her father’s work. She wanted to become a pilot and earn the Apex badge some day. But her father didn’t want her to because it was a dangerous profession.

One day, she took her father’s Northstar Titan for a ride without his permission. Unfortunately, she found herself in the midst of several enemy Militia ships. One of the fighters shot her Titan and subsequently, it started to fall from the sky. Her father communicated with her on the radio and came to save her on his ship.

He made a leap onto the Titan from his ship and ejected her daughter Kairi out of the pilot seat. Viper crash landed with the Titan sustained minor injuries. Kairi thought she failed her father and felt ashamed. Her father then repaired the Titan.

Eventually, after few days, Viper left with Blisk to join the Frontier Wars. He didn’t tell Valkyrie why he left which made Kairi think that he left because of her. Viper died in a battle on planet Typhon fighting Jack Cooper and his Titan BT-7274. Valkyrie thought Blisk was responsible for her father’s death.

Viper with daughter Valkyrie

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Since then, Valkyrie grew up to become a pilot and does smuggling jobs throughout the Outlands. But her ultimate goal was to kill Kuben Blisk and avenge her father. She came to meet Blisk while delivering a contract and tried to kill him.

Valkyrie tries to kill Kuben Blisk

But Blisk persuaded her into not killing him. Blisk told Kairi that her father knew what he was fighting for and his death is not Blisk’s fault. Furthermore, her story will be over after she has her vengeance by killing Blisk. But, Kairi’s father wanted her legacy to be better.

Valkyrie Apex Legends Lore

Kairi is here to join the fight

Hence, Blisk gave Valkyrie an opportunity to fight in the Apex Games and carry forward Viper’s legacy. Valkyrie salvaged her father’s broken Titan. Rampart made her a “flight-and-fight” suit for the games. Get ready as this legend is now ready to bring chaos on the battlefield.

I hope you enjoyed this Valkyrie Lore from Apex Legends. I love how the developers at Respawn Entertainment are integrating the Titanfall Universe with Apex Legends. Hopefully there is more to come. Checkout more Lore and Backstory articles about various Apex Legends on this website.


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