The Complete Pathfinder Story Apex Legends

The Complete Pathfinder Story Apex Legends

This article is the Pathfinder’s story from the Outlands. Pathfinder is one of the most used legends in Apex Legends. He comes unlocked when you first install the game. Among the 4 Legend Classes, he is a Recon Legend. His abilities include grapple hook, zipline gun and recon beacon scan.

Pathfinder Apex Legends

These were the basics of this incredible legend, now let’s dive into the complete story of Pathfinder. The data in this Pathfinder story summary is collected and compiled in order from credible sources.

Creation of Pathfinder

Pathfinder is termed as a MRVN (Mobile Robotic Versatile Entity) in the lore. He was first booted up in a warehouse in the “Outlands”. A confused Pathfinder then started the search for his creator and his purpose.

Pathfinder story Apex Legends

He did jobs at various places as his employers said that they would lead Path to his creator. He was once in the city of “Malta” on the planet “Psamathe”. This is the city on top of which “Olympus” lies and is the crime hub of the planet.

The turning point of story comes while he was working as a waiter in some restaurant (unknown), and the security guard of that place was ‘Victor Maldera’.

Ex- Lieutenant Victor Maldera

Victor Maldera was a Lieutenant in the Police Department of Malta. He was an extraordinary detective and cop who fought crime like no other and cleansed the city of the criminal. But the only target he couldn’t capture was “Dr. Nox” aka “Caustic”. Caustic was presumed dead by Police but Victor still thought he was alive. This obsession over catching a presumably dead man, cost him his job.

Dr. Nox

Revelation of Pathfinder’s History

Pathfinder was a clumsy and incompetent robot back then and wasn’t aware of his abilities. While he was serving, he got into a fight with a customer due to his clumsiness. This customer turned out to be a goon. He pulled out a gun and took a shot at Pathfinder. But the bullet reflected back from the metal body of Path and kills the criminal instead.

QW's hired assassin

Victor saw this on the security camera and rushed to capture pathfinder. He took Path with him to investigate and take a look the memory database of the MRVN. In the memory of Path, Victor sees a lot of his previous jobs.

Pathfinder Jobs

He eventually comes across a clip of Caustic killing everyone and burning the ‘Humbert Labs’. Victor realizes that he was right all the time. Caustic was still alive.

Caustic burns down Humbert Labs

Then they came across a clip of Pathfinder’s creator, “Dr. Amelie P.”. She said that Path was created for a great purpose and that the people of Outlands needed their help. He was their last hope.

Dr. Amelie P. Pathfinder's Creator

“You were made for a great purpose. Your existence is proof that the Outlands can survive.”- Dr. Amelie

But soon some men of a criminal organization/person named “Mob” come for Pathfinder and try to take him away. Victor refused to let go of Path, because Path was his witness and the only way to get to Caustic. They then try to escape from Mob’s in an aircraft.

Mob's men

Back from the Dead

As they were escaping, a lightning strike destroyed one of the aircraft’s engine. Mob’s men deployed 2 killer robots “Spectors” to Victor’s airship. Victor got shot by one of the Spectors and was left unconscious while the ship was going down.


Pathfinder then somehow fought off the 2 Spectors and survived eventually. He then encountered a Grapple gun from Spectors and took it. This explains the grapple hook which he later got integrated and now can be used as his passive ability.

Pathfinder's grapple

Then one of the Mob’s men took a shot at Path and hit him on his mainframe, i.e., the screen of his chest. But Victor regained his consciousness, shot the goon back and saved Pathfinder.

Pathfinder gets shot

The aircraft was about to crash now. Pathfinder grabbed Victor and used the grapple gun to get off the plane. Unfortunately, the bullet that hit Pathfinder, did a lot of damage to his system. Pathfinder dies at that junkyard and Victor takes his leave.

Pathfinder death Apex Legends

Pathfinder’s metal body was lying there for a long time. But due to some miracle, a raindrop sparked the dead system of pathfinder and revived him. It was like Pathfinder was back from the dead. Unfortunately, Pathfinder’s memory log was corrupted.

The Search Continues

Pathfinder now knows who his creator is and is on a search throughout the planets in the Outlands to find her. He knows that he is the last hope of the Outlands, but he first needs to find his creator in order to fulfil his destiny, whatever that might be.

He then came across “Mirage” on the planet “Solace”. Mirage advised Pathfinder to not work for people for free and instead take part in the Apex Games’ bloodsport. As becoming an Apex Legend will give him fame and it would help him find his creator.

Since then, Pathfinder takes part in the Apex Games and hopes to find his creator someday.

This ends the lore and story of Pathfinder Legend in Apex Legends. Hope you liked it. You can watch the official video on the link below. You can also buy a book named ‘Apex Legends: Pathfinder’s Quest (Lore Book)‘ to know more about all the apex characters.

Make sure add any details you know about Pathfinder story in Apex Legends in the comments.


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