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The Complete OCTANE Lore in Apex Legends

Octane is one of the most popular and fan favorite character in Apex Legends. In this article I have put together the backstory of Octane. I have collected the information from various trusted sources like Apex Legends Pathfinder’s Quest: Lore Book and in game comics.

unmasked octane apex legend face
Yup, this is what he looks like


Octavio Silva, popularly known as Octane, is a stuntman from the planet of Psamathe. He was born and brought up in a rich family in the Malta city. His father, Duardo Silva, is the CEO of ‘Silva Pharmaceuticals’. Octane is good friends with ‘Ajay Che‘, aka Lifeline since childhood. Their families are elites of the Outlands. Unfortunately, both of them have no interest in their family businesses. Octane thinks that it is boring.

Lifeline with her childhood friend Octavio Silva aka Octane

Octane didn’t get famous just by the Apex Games. He was popular way before when he performed stunts throughout the Outlands and streamed it to his fans. He has suffered several injuries, minor & major. As we know, he lost his legs in an accident while trying to set a Gauntlet speed-run world record by using a grenade. He got them replaced by platinum prosthetic legs.

Octane lost his legs in a gauntlet speed run stunt

Octavio had literally everything from his childhood but he thought all of it was “boring”. He found satisfaction in doing crazy activities and stunts. That’s what made him happy. He grinded rails on scooter, crash tested rocket powered bikes, ramp jumped with hoverboard and what not.

Octane’s mother was his father’s second wife. By the time Octane was 10, his father was already marrying a fourth woman. Duardo Silva wanted to make his fourth wedding very “grandeur”. Henceforth, Octane made some plans to make this wedding memorable. He decided to perform the craziest stunt of all time and stream it live to people.

octane robotic platinum prosthetic legs

How he became OCTANE & Rose to Popularity

The wedding was to take place in Dionysus. The place had fake hills around a little valley with a pool in the middle. Octane started ordering and gathering the equipment for the stunt without letting his father know. He wanted this to be a surprise for his father.

He ordered firecrackers, plywood, labor contracts, duct tape and a hovercar (pretty expensive). Eventually, he constructed a ramp halfway up the hill with the help of labors. After the setup was complete, Octavio went incognito until the ceremony.

The time had come, his father was saying the vows. The live stream for Octavio’s stunt was running with over 100,000 people watching. Now comes the OCTRAIN driving down the ramp in his hovercar. Not just an ordinary hovercar, but one lit up in flames. Octavio was wearing a jacket with several firecrackers strapped to his chest. The flames light up the firecrackers resulting in a big explosion and Octane crashing into the pool of water.

octane lore apex legends

All went according to the plan. People were stunned by this performance. Octavio went from a rich boy to be known as High “Octane” Octavio. This made his life a purpose and happiness. Of course, his father might have been furious with him. But, nothing is above Octavio’s will.

Therefore, new Octane was born. He has been performing incredible and dangerous stunts since then from Psamathe to Talos to Solace. Although he lost his legs, he is even faster now thanks to his new artificial legs and the “stim”, which lets him go faster and regenerate health. Also, after losing his legs in the grenade blast, he decided to find a new way to reach higher and further. That’s when he got the Jump-pad made.

I hope you enjoyed this Octane Lore & Backstory in Apex Legends. More Legend Lore can be checked out on this website – Bloodhound, Bangalore, Wraith, Mirage etc. Stay tuned for more upcoming story on various Apex Legends.


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