New Battle Royale Games 2021 for Mobile

The Battle Royale genre in gaming is comparatively new and booming. Video game developers are bringing in new Battle Royale games in 2021 for Mobile devices. This is due to rise of PUBG Mobile as a household name in many countries, especially India and South-East Asia.

Among these upcoming Battle Royale games for mobile, I have prepared a list of 4 big names that are coming this year on Android and iOS. Although the release dates of these games haven’t been confirmed yet, but their leaked release dates are shown below.

1.     PUBG: New State / PUBG Mobile 2021

  • PUBG: New State, also called PUBG Mobile 2 or 2.0, trailer launched on 25th of February this year.
  • The pre-registration of this game has started and crossed over 5 Million registrations which is huge. You can pre-register at:
  • PUBG New State game is an enhanced version of PUBG Mobile game set decades in future. It is set in 2051 in a place called TROI.
  • It comes with improved and futuristic weapons, vehicles and mechanics.
  • The PUBG New Sate launch date is not confirmed yet but it might release before May of 2021.
  • As of PUBG New State India, talks are going on with the government. But, the chances of its releasing during global launch are low.
  • PUBG New State gameplay and fist look can be watched on the link below.

2.     Apex Legends Mobile / Apex Heroes

  • Apex Legends Mobile will be the Android/iOS iteration of the popular PC game of the same name.
  • This is a special kind of Battle Royale in which you can select a certain character or “legend”. These legends have different powers and abilities.
  • EA did this game’s playtesting recently.
  • Hence, the speculation is that Apex Legends Mobile beta will go live in certain regions by August of 2021.
  • Apex Legends Mobile release date globally should be around the first quarter (Q1) of 2022. But you can play it by using a VPN, even if the beta is not released in your country.
  • Apex Legends Switch version released on 9th March 2021. And the mobile version will be similar to that.
  • You can watch Apex Legends Nintendo Switch gameplay trailer below.

3.     Warzone Mobile (WZM)

  • Warzone mobile leaks started last year in September 2020. Few job listings were seen for a future game called “WZM” on the website of Activision.
  • Call of Duty Mobile has a Battle Royale of its own. But it’s nowhere near to the global sensation called Call of Duty Warzone.
  • Warzone Mobile news from leak websites have surfaced. Warzone Mobile beta will go live around Q4 (Quarter 4) of 2021 i.e., from October – December of this year.
  • Activision has confirmed that they are planning big games for mobile as well. But they haven’t confirmed anything about Warzone Mobile release date. They did the same for Warzone on PC and kept it a secret before revealing the game just 1 month before launch. This creates hype and boosts the success of the game.
  • You can watch the Warzone gameplay in the launch trailer from an year ago.

4.     Final Fantasy Mobile Battle Royale

  • Final Fantasy is one of the best and most popular RPG (Role Playing Game) series in the world.
  • Final Fantasy VII Battle Royale is set 30 years before the events of Final Fantasy VII game.
  • Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier is the official name of the upcoming game. It brings the sensational Final Fantasy world to mobile in a Battle Royale format.
  • The characters you select while playing the game will have various powers of their own which. You can use these powers in game along with the basic shooting and fighting.
  • The Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier game is confirmed to release in 2021 on Android/iOS. Though the exact date is not revealed yet.
  • I have linked the gameplay trailer of the Final Fantasy mobile Battle Royale game below.

I am highly excited for these games and wish that they launch as soon as possible. These were the 4 New Battle Royale games 2021 Mobile. Stay tuned for more information on these games.


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