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Best MP7 WARZONE Loadout in 2021 | COD Season 4

This post is the answer to your question – ‘What is the best MP7 Loadout for Warzone?‘ MP7 is a highly underrated Modern Warfare gun. Among the plethora of weapons in Warzone currently, MP7 is forgotten. But it still has some unbeatable properties which make it a beast of an SMG.

I am showcasing the 2 Best MP7 builds to use in Season 4 of Warzone 2021, according to your playstyle and use. But why should you use this weapon over other faster killing SMGs, the answer is:

‘The MP7 has the least hipfire spread of all weapons, is very mobile and has a very good range despite being an SMG.’

Yes there are faster killing SMGs out there which will beat the MP7. But The Mp7 will come in handy if you like to hipfire and even if you want to pair it with a quick sniper. You must try these builds if you’ve missed this brilliant weapon and want something different than the same guns.


The best MP7 attachments to get the least hipfire spread & maximum mobility are:

  • Laser 5mW LASER
  • StockNO STOCK
  • UnderbarrelMERC FOREGRIP
  • Ammunition50 ROUND MAGS
best mp7 hipfire build

This MP7 class setup is best for CQC (Close Quarters Combat).Henceforth, it is best paired with a long range AR or LMG like FARA 83, M4A1, AMAX, Stoner etc.


The best attachments for a MP7 longshot build, to be used as a sniper support weapon, are:

  • BarrelFSS RECON
  • Laser5mW LASER
  • Ammunition60 ROUND MAGS
best mp7 long range build

This class setup has extra range and bullet velocity for short to mid range combat. Furthermore, it has extremely controllable recoil and decent mobility. Therefore, you can best pair this with a quick sniper or marksman rifle like the SWISS K31, SPR, Pelington, KAR98K etc.

These are the 2 best MP7 Warzone Loadout 2021 that I like to use. Give these a try, you will not be disappointed. Furthermore, you can check out more gunsmith loadout posts on this website.


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