The complete Mirage Apex Legends Lore

The complete Mirage Apex Legends Lore

The Apex Legends Mirage Backstory and Lore is very important if you want to know the history of the Outlands. We all love Mirage and his charm. He is obviously funny and joyful as we know, but his life hasn’t always been this happy. Let’s take a deep dive into the Mirage Apex Legends Lore.

Elliott Witt aka Mirage
Fans love Mirage

I have gathered the details in this story from Apex Legends: Pathfinder’s Quest (Lore Book) and few other trusted developer sources.

Mirage origins and Civil War in the Outlands

Mirage’s actual name is Elliott Witt and he is the from the planet of Solace in the Outlands. His mother’s name is Evelyn Witt who is one of the best “holo-engineers” in the Frontier. Mirage helped his mother with her projects since childhood. Evelyn takes contracts from many clients including the IMC, Kodai, Hammond and others.

Elliott Witt’s father is the “infamous” Richard Witt who always had something new like a hit creation, a big score or treasure hunting. He spent most of his trying to make a living and not very close to his family. Richard didn’t really know Mirage well and was “not father-type”.

Mirage's family including his father, mother and brothers
Happy Family

Mirage also had 3 brothers. The older brother Roger, was the “Rockstar” of the family as he loved playing guitar. The other 2 brothers were twins named Ricky and Elon. The twins lived and breathed sports.

Unlike his brothers, Mirage was not good with anything but he liked doing the “science-techy” stuff with his mom. But he loved spending time with his brothers as well. They were big fans of the Thunderdome bloodsport and the real star of the games, Kuben Blisk. Mirage wanted to be like those Thunderdome Legends since he was a kid.

Mirage started learning the holo-technology while working with his mother Evelyn. He began making and perfecting his holograms with his mother’s help.

Mirage working on his mom's holo technology
Holo-Tech from his mother Evelyn

After their defeat in the Frontier Wars, the IMC started leaving the Outlands around the year 2715. Subsequently, there was no authority or administration left in the Outlands. This caused chaos among the planets and territories resulting in the Civil War

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The planets started joining this Civil War to gain control over everything from fuel outposts to farming lands. The IMC laws weren’t upheld as there was no enforcer. Solace was the last planet to join the fight because the IMC left Solace last.

Loss of Brothers in the War

Solace had most of the resources and didn’t require to join the Civil War. Unfortunately, the IMC left the Duchess River extremely polluted. Hence, the Solace City water treatment plant had to work overtime in order to clean this river. But there was severe shortage of fuel on Solace.

Eventually, planet of Gaea had a lot of fuel and thus Solace decided to fight for it. Everyone Mirage knew enlisted for the War including his 3 brothers. Mirage didn’t join the fight as he was different and incompetent at that time.

Evelyn Witt with her sons including Elliott Witt

Mirage’s brothers were on-route to the battle on Gaea in the dropship Crimson. Unfortunately, “something” struck their dropship and it was lost. No communication could be made for 72 hours and all the soldiers were declared MIA (Missing in Action). Elliott and his mother were extremely grieved by this incident. Mirage has himself put money into search of his brothers and still hopes to find them someday.

However, the formation of Syndicate Treaty saved the Outlands and put an end to the Civil War. Mirage is thankful to the Syndicate for ending this War saving the people. The planets which signed the treaty are jointly called the Syndicate Space. Whereas the planets which didn’t agree, are now the Fringe Worlds.

Mirage decided to join the Apex Games when it started. He always wanted to be a Legend and play in a bloodsport since childhood. Furthermore, he joined the Games for fame, glory and money. He uses his mother’s holo-tech suit and abilities.

Mirage's bar Paradise Lounge
Paradise Lounge

Elliott Witt a.k.a. Mirage also bought the bar, which has been in the Witt family for generations, from his uncle. He named this bar Paradise Lounge. He uses his mother’s holo-tech suit and abilities.

EXTRAS (The Energy Crisis & The Event)

The planets don’t have a great relationship with each other since the Energy Crisis. The crisis started around 2655 in which there was scarcity of fuel throughout the Outlands. Somehow, the Outlands survived the Energy Crisis because of some developments in the fuel research.

This was called the Event, the discovery of Branthium. Branthium is fuel with burns for very long and is available throughout the Outlands. Mirage’s mother Evelyn worked with Bloodhound’s mother on this project on the planet of Talon.

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Mirage Apex Legends Backstory

I hope you enjoyed this post on Mirage Apex Legends Backstory. Hopefully Respawn Entertainment releases a more information on this Legend in future. Add any points or queries in the comments below. Don’t forget to check more Apex Legends Lore and Backstory on this website.


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