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New META MG82 Warzone Loadout

In the recent Call of Duty Warzone Season 4 update, 3 new weapons dropped. But there is one weapon which is an absolute beamer and shreds people instantly. It has the fastest fire rate among LMGs, great damage and almost no recoil. I am talking about the MG82 LMG. Below are the MG82 best attachments for a META build in Season 4.

The new C58 AR is very powerful but well balanced. Whereas this MG82 is completely overpowered and can beat any other long range full auto weapon. This makes is due to get nerfed, which I think it will get soon.

Let’s have a look at the two best Warzone M82 Loadout which I have put together. The first MG82 build is for long range and paired with a mobile SMG. The second MG82 class setup is a sniper support build which you can pair with a sniper rifle or a marksman rifle of your choice.

Warzone best MG82 Build for long range (NEW META BUILD)

  • MUZZLE: Suppressor
  • BARREL: 16.4″ Task Force
  • OPTIC: Axial Arms 3x
  • UNDERBARREL: Field Agent Grip
  • REAR GRIP: Serpent Wrap
best mg82 warzone loadout in season 4
You can swap the Field Agent Grip for more Ammo if you can control the recoil well

This is a small explanation why I am using these attachments. I use the Suppressor instead of the Agency Suppressor because it gives better ADS speed and doesn’t slow my weapon much. I use the Task Force barrel for maximum range and recoil control, but you can switch to Match Grade for slightly better ADS speed. The optic is a personal preference, you can use a 4x optic as well for long range. The gun is already incredibly stable, but the Field Agent Grip gives better recoil control. At last, I use the Serpent Wrap for better ADS speed. You wouldn’t need a ammunition attachments as it already has a 100 round base mag.

You can pair this long range MG82 build with an SMG with good mobility like the MP5, LC10 or even the new and fast killing Nail Gun if you play solos (as it has only 20 ammo capacity).

MG82 Warzone Class as Sniper support (Viable & for fun)

  • MUZZLE: Agency Suppressor
  • LASER: Tiger Team Spotlight
  • STOCK: Raider Stock
  • UNDEBARREL: Bruiser Grip
  • AMMUNITION: Fast Mag
New Weapon MG 82 LMG Warzone Season 4

I put the Agency Suppressor for better recoil control and improved effective damage range which is important for close range fights. The Tiger Team Spotlight provides greatly increased movement speed which makes this slow LMG mobile. Furthermore, to increase this mobility by adding strafe speed and improved sprint to fire time, we add the Raider Stock. The Bruiser Grip gives a step further increment in movement speed. So this build gives you the maximum achievable mobility which is exactly what you need for a sniper support weapon. Finally, the Fast Mag for better reload speed.

#NOTE: You don’t exactly require a barrel as the base weapon itself provides good bullet velocity and damage range.

This build is viable but isn’t the best sniper support weapon because of the slow reload speed and slow movement (which we improved as much as we can). Still it is a fun build and you should give it a try. Pair this with the KAR98K, ZRG or the Pelington or any Sniper of choice.

*New UPDATE – As for the Warzone MG82 nerf, Raven Software has confirmed that a weapon balancing patch is coming soon, within a week.

These were my two suggested best MG82 Warzone Loadout. The first loadout is a must try and everyone will be running it soon. It is very powerful and you shouldn’t miss using it before it gets nerfed. This is the new Warzone Season 4 Meta, for now at least.

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