M16 vs AUG Warzone – Which is the KING?

The M16 vs AUG Warzone debate is a hot topic these days. This article will give you the reasons to use both guns and also decide for you which gun is the “BEST”. Before we start, the M16 vs AUG Warzone stats shown below are gathered by my testing along with the information from Truegamedata and JGod on Youtube. With that said, let’s start the ultimate AUG vs M16 Cold War Warzone fight.

AUG vs M16 Stats

Fire RateHigherLower
Damage ProfileSameSame
TTK (Time to Kill)FasterSlower
ADS (Aim Down Sight) SpeedSlowerFaster (considerably)
Bullet VelocityMore (slightly)Less
Reload SpeedSlowerFaster
RecoilWorse (inconsistent)Better (consistent and straight)
Hip-fire SpreadBetterGood

IMAGE Description:

  1. Hip-fire test from 4 meters
  2. 10 Burst ADS fire from 80 meters
  3. 10 Burst ADS fire from 20 meters
  4. Recoil test from 20 meters

Conclusion for M16 or AUG Warzone Battle

Looking at the data, the AUG Tactical Rifle in Warzone wins by a slight margin. This is because in Warzone, TTK is King. And comparing the AUG vs M16 Warzone TTK, the AUG has better TTK. But remember, the inconsistent recoil pattern can make the TTK even worse than M16 at times.

You can decide by the above AUG vs M16 Warzone Season 2 stats which one is the Winner yourself.

But I will use the M16 over the AUG anytime due to the consistent and straight up vertical recoil. Also, the faster ADS speed might be the reason for you to use the M16.

The final AUG or M16 Warzone usage scenario:

  • AUG Warzone: Short-to-Mid Ranges paired with an SMG or a Shotgun.
  • M16 Warzone: Mid-to-Long Ranges paired with an SMG or an AR (preferably FFAR).

Best M16 Loadout Warzone in Season 2

  1. Muzzle – Agency Suppressor
  2. Barrel – 15.9” Strike Team
  3. Underbarrel – Field Agent Foregrip
  4. Ammunition – Salvo 60 Round Fast Mag
  5. Optic – Axial Arms 3x or Susat Multizoom (gives reduced visual recoil)
This M16 Warzone Loadout is OP

Best AUG Loadout Warzone in Season 2

  1. Muzzle – Agency Suppressor
  2. Barrel – 18.2” Strike Team
  3. Underbarrel – Field Agent Foregrip
  4. Ammunition – Stanag 54 Round Drum Mag
  5. Optic – Sillix Holoscout or Visiontech 2x
Crush them with this AUG Warzone Loadout

This ends our AUG or M16 Cold War Warzone comparison. You can select which one is best for you and for what reasons from the above details. For exact numerical data on the stats, visit the channels of the Youtubers mentioned above.

Stay tuned for more Warzone Gunsmith guides and check my previous articles on this website for FARA 83 and LC10 loadouts for Call of Duty Cold War and Warzone Season 2.


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