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The complete LOBA Lore Apex Legends

Loba Andrade is well known as the beautiful high society thief. She is not just an ordinary thief but an exceptionally good one. Loba grew up in very sorrowful and difficult condition after losing her parents. Fortunately, she managed to make a place for herself in the society with her perseverance.

The complete Loba Lore Apex Legends & Loba Revenant Lore

Here is all you need to know about the backstory and lore of Loba in Apex Legends. I have also shown some details about her parents and how they met. I have collected the information from various trusted sources like Season 4 & 5 trailer, Stories from the Outlands and Pathfinder’s Quest (Lore Book).

LOBA’s Sad Childhood & Parents

Loba Andrade says that the reason why she is a thief is because stealing makes her feel ‘true to herself‘. This might be because of some inspiration from her parents and their past. She currently lives in Malta City on the planet Psamathe.

She steals from museums, galleries, private collections, archaeological repositories etc. and keeps the items in her ‘personal collection‘. Some of those items are her ‘Prized Possessions‘ like her bracelet, which she never lends to anyone ever.

The Andrades do not belong to a certain planet unlike other families. They are from everywhere and nowhere. Her father, Marcos Andrade was born on planet Talos. His family was poor and neglectful of him. He started small and grew up to be a well known and skilled thief-for-hire & con-man. At the age of 20, he was so successful that everyone knew him from the poor to the wealthy. He created a lavish life for himself.

Loba's father Marcos Andrade and mother Alanza Andrade
Loba with Mom & Dad (for the last time)

He was on an assignment once where he first met Loba’s mother, Alanza Andrade (last name Andrade taken after marriage of course). She was a thief herself and came from a family of drug dealers & petty criminals. They seemed to like each other because of their striking similarities. They had a daughter who we know as Loba today.

Alanza Andrade letter to Loba
Alanza letter to Loba *sorry for low resolution* (higher resolution on EA website)

Unfortunately for Loba, she lost her parents in an incident involving Revenant. Revenant was given a contract by a client to kill Marcos Andrade for 10 Million credits. He killed Loba’s father, her mother and their security on Olympus. But Loba survived and now wants to punish Revenant for what he did to her parents.

Revenant kills Loba’s family


Loba grew up to be an exceptional thief just like her father, maybe even better. She tried to forget her sorrow but was filled with vengeance. Eventually, her friend Jaime found the whereabouts of Revenant’s ‘Source Code‘. Loba made it into the facility with the code, which is extremely difficult to break into by the way.

How Loba grew up to be the thief she is today

#Revenant is a “simulacrum“. These are robots with a conscious and run on the brains/head of an individual, called the Source Code. Until the Source Code is safe, the simulacrum (Revenant) can be reborn in another body or skeletal form. There are several bodies along with the source code hidden in an automated facility under Kings Canyon. No one can gain access to it, not even the Syndicate as it is heavily secure and automated.

Loba wanted to end Revenant’s life by destroying the source code locked in the facility. But once she shot at the source code, the security feature teleported it to another unknown facility on Psamathe. Also this facility was destroyed in the process by Loba.

Loba finds Revenant’s Source Code but loses it

After this incident, Loba was contacted by a Syndicate official. She was offered a deal in which they would give her the location of the teleported Revenant’s source code. But she had to do a mission for the Syndicate in return. This is the Broken Ghost “Ash” Quest.

Deal between Loba and the Syndicate for Revenant's Source Code

She finally got the source code and instead of destroying it, she hid it away from everyone (probably sent it far away from the Outlands through a phase-runner). Now you are wondering why didn’t she destroy it, that’s all she ever wanted right?

Revenant's Source Code found by Loba

As it turns out, Revenant wanted the same thing to happen. He was fed up of being used a killing machine and wanted to break this cycle of rebirth and attain peace by destroying his source code. But all Loba ever wanted was to make Revenant suffer more and more. She then realized that the best way to do that is letting Revenant be in this unending cycle of life i.e., the curse of immortality.

This is why Revenant is so protective of Loba now (in-game voicelines between Caustic & Revenant) because she is the only person who can lead him to his source code. Therefore, Loba is the winner for now.

Loba and Revenant Lore apex legends

This is all you need to know about everyone’s favorite Loba Andrade for now. I will add more information here as the story unfolds further. I hope you enjoyed this article on Loba Lore Apex Legends and the Loba Revenant story. You can read more about various legends on this website like Octane, Bloodhound, Bangalore and others.


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