The Complete Lifeline Lore Apex Legends

The Complete Lifeline Lore Apex Legends

Lifeline is one of the most prominent legends among the Apex Legends. She is one of the 6 unlocked characters of the game among a total of 16 characters till Season 8. Among the 4 Legend Classes, she is 1 of the only 2 Support Legends. Her abilities include care package, D.O.C. health drone and DOC revive.

Lifeline Apex Legends Backstory and Lore

These were just the basics of this apex legend, now let’s take a look at the complete story of Lifeline. This story is collected and compiled in order from credible sources. There is no specific video in the ‘Stories from the Outlands’ series on Lifeline. However, Lifeline’s backstory shown here is taken from Apex Legends: Pathfinder’s Quest (Lore Book)

Childhood and Upbringing

Lifeline’s real name is “Ajay Che”. She was born in a rich family on the planet of Psamathe in the Outlands. Her family were friends with the “Silva” family. Hence her best friend from her childhood is “Ocatvio Silva” aka Octane.

Lifeline with her childhood friend Octavio Silva aka Octane

Lifeline’s father is “Darion Che”, C.E.O. of ‘Chevrex Inc.’. And her mother is “Cherrise Che” who is a prominent member of the Syndicate.

Chevrex Inc. is the Outlands part of the robotics & electronics company originally known as ‘AI Logic’. This company says that it is focused on safety and security of the Outlands, which is quite the opposite of what it does. In fact, Chevrex made money by selling weapons to both sides during the Frontier War and the Civil War.

Ajay Che with Darion Che and Cherrise Che

When Ajay Che came to know about this, she was infuriated with his parents. She couldn’t cope with the fact her father made money by war profiteering. She needed a break and hence left for a trip to Solace with his good friend Octane.

There she found band near the ‘Paradise Lounge’, Mirage’s bar. The name of this music band was ‘The Flyer Liars’. She was amazed by the band and joined the crew. She learnt to play drums from Karen “kay-kay” Kool, the band’s drummer. This explains her drumsticks heirloom.

Turning Point in Life – Leaving her Parents

After half a year, the band had to go to Psamathe for a fundraiser show. She arrived to her home planet and came to see her parents after a long time. She told her parents how she was disgusted with them after knowing their truth.

Lifeline then decided to leave her parents home and wealth once and for all. She packed some of her stuff and left along with her drone, D.O.C.

After sometime, she joined the ‘Frontier Corps’. This public funded organization worked to help the migrants and poor people of the ‘Fringe World’.

Lifeline in the Frontier Corps doing humanitarian work in the Fringe Worlds

After the final battle of IMC and Militia, Frontier Corps was formed for humanitarian work. The worlds which didn’t join the Syndicate and rejected the treaty, came to be known as the Fringe Worlds. These planets got no help from the Syndicate but the Frontier Corps stepped up.

Lifeline worked and served in the Frontier Corps for around a year. But soon, the FC was going out of money and funds. Lifeline couldn’t just ask her parents for the funding, as that would be morally incorrect.

Hence, she decided to join the Apex Games in order to save money for the FC. The Apex Bloodsport gave her an amazing opportunity to earn huge sums of money for the humanitarian work.

Ajay Che commonly known as Lifeline in Apex Legends

This was the complete backstory of Lifeline and how & why she joined the Apex games. Hopefully Respawn Entertainment will shed some more light on the story of this brilliant character in the future.

(Image credits to EA and Respawn Entertainment)


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