The complete Gibraltar Backstory in Apex Legends

The complete Gibraltar Backstory in Apex Legends

If you are wondering what is Gibraltar’s backstory according to Apex Legends Lore, you’ve come to the right place. As some of you might know that Gibraltar’s real name is “Makoa Gibraltar”, with Gibraltar obviously being his family name. He is a lively character with a big heart, and always ready to ‘show some love for his bruddahs’.

Apex Legnds Gibraltar Backstory/Lore

The incidents and information in this article are taken from Apex Legends Pathfinder’s Quest (Lore Book) and in-game comics. The first part of this story is the history of the Outlands and how humans arrived here which is crucial, but you can skip it if you want.

The Gibraltar Family and arrival to the Outlands

The Gibraltar Family were one of the very first to come to the Outlands through the unexplored Frontier. The first “IMC” expedition to the Outlands took 20 years to travel from the Core System to the planet “Solace”. The spaceship they travelled in 400 years ago (in 2300s) was ‘IMS Nostos’.

IMC's first expedition ship to the Outlands
IMS Nostos ship

After reaching Solace, they established the first human settlement in the Outlands. This colony was named ‘The Little Mouse’ after the mouse who somehow managed to board the IMS Nostos and was a symbol of hope for the ship crew.

First Settlement The Little Mouse in Solace

Unfortunately, no support or contact was made from IMC side for around 3 centuries and the people were surviving with the limited resources they had. This led to the foundation of “SARAS” in the year 2525. The ‘Search and Rescue Association of Solace’ was created by the Gibraltar Family. They accepted fund from whoever was willing to provide and were open to volunteers.

Search and Rescue Association of Solace SARAS

But the IMC arrived in the mid-2600s to reclaim what they believed was theirs, the Outlands. Some battles were fought but the IMC promised to provide safety and resource. This led to an agreement and the IMC started increasing their presence in the Outlands with factories, facilities and outposts. They also started the “Thunderdome” blood-sport in Kings Canyon which brought jobs to Solace.

Thunderdome bloodsport in Kings Canyon
Thunderdome in Kings Canyon

Gibraltar’s birth and the Wars in the Outlands

Makoa Gibraltar, our Gibbie, was born when the IMC ran the Outlands. His father, “Miko Gibraltar” is a volunteer in the SARAS. Gibraltar’s grandfather was “Aleki Gibraltar” and was a scientist. He also was one of the creators of Pathfinder and died due to the Phase Runner accident on Olympus.

In the 2700s, the IMC abandoned the Outlands after the ‘Frontier War’ (fought between IMC & Militia). This led to a feud for power among the Outland territories called the ‘Civil War’. The Gibraltar family decided not to get involved in the fight for safety.

Frontier War between IMC and Militia
The Frontier War

But Makoa disagreed as he thought they were being selfish by not helping their friends who were in need. His friend Mirage lost his brothers in the war and Gibraltar couldn’t do anything. He was full of guilt and shame as he decided to leave for Solace City to explore more in his life.

The market Gibraltar used to work in
The Solace City Market where Gibraltar used to work

There he worked at Thunderdome for a few years. There he met an important person in his life, “Nikolas Gentile”. Nik was a great friend who later became Gibraltar’s boyfriend/lover. They cleaned seats, stocked markets and watched the fighters. But the games shutdown after a few years when the IMC completely left Solace.

Gibraltar Apex Boyfriend

The accident that changed his life forever

Gibraltar persuaded Nik to run away from their families and join the fight to protect their friend. They booked a charter to planet “Gaea” and left their homes leaving a note. They were going on a Miko’s motorbike through the Cascade mountains. Unfortunately, it was heavily raining back then. Their bike hit the guard rail and skid off the cliff.

They were somehow caught on a rocky ledge but Nik’s leg was broken. They had only one choice, wait and pray that SARAS was on its way. Gibbie’s father Miko came on the rescue mission. He strapped Nik to the harness and he was pulled up. But a mudslide sent Gibbie and Miko further back down the cliff.

His father’s hand was crushed under a rock. Gibraltar took and opened his father’s bubble shield to protect themselves from debris. Another SARAS team saved them both. Nik took the blame on him and told everyone that this was his idea.

Nikolas Gentile Apex Legends

Nik’s parents sent him to a ‘juvenile delinquency center’, but this turned him into a criminal. At this time, Nik has a baby and Gibraltar feels guilty for the bad life that baby has got because of him. He feels ashamed that he never told the truth.

Gibraltar joined the SARAS
Gibraltar volunteering for SARAS

He joined SARAS at an age of 22 and helped people who were migrating due to the Civil War. The Civil War ended with the ‘Mercenary Syndicate Treaty’. The Syndicate started the blood-sports in the Outlands. Their big project to rebuild the Outlands is the Apex Games.

Gibraltar then joined Apex Legends after asking his father Miko. Miko gave him his bubble shield. Gibraltar uses his fighting skills that he learned while working at the Thunderdome. The reason why Gibraltar joined Apex Legends is probably because he wants to overcome his guilt and collect fund for SARAS. Also, he loves to fight alongside his friends in the Apex Games.

Apex Legends Gibraltar selfie with Pathfinder

This was the complete Gibraltar Apex Legends backstory. Add any information or questions you would like to share in the comments below. Meanwhile, you can checkout the lore/story of Lifeline and Bloodhound on this website.

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