*New* FFAR No Recoil Warzone Class in Season 2

This article contains the newly discovered FFAR ‘No Recoil’ class Warzone by which you can achieve the least possible recoil for the FFAR Warzone without sacrificing damage and range of the gun. This FFAR build is feasible before the FFAR nerf, which is probably going to happen sometime soon in Call of Duty Cold War and Warzone Season 2.

Keep in mind that this FFAR 1 Warzone loadout can reduce your mobility if you are used to the raider stock’s movement benefits. Also, the FFAR attachments doesn’t include the agency suppressor which can make you appear on the mini-map whenever you shoot. You can definitely swap that, but you will not get the least recoil.

The difference is quite remarkable

There is this one FFAR Warzone attachment that is bugged and instead of doing what it is supposed to do, it helps to reduce recoil a lot. This is the FFAR best attachment to reduce recoil and is the ‘Speed Tape’ Rear-Grip. Yes that seemed weird to me too at first, but it works wonders. This was discovered by “TheXclusiveAce” on Youtube (thanks to him) and I myself have tested it after that. Let’s just see this FFAR no recoil setup Warzone right away.

FFAR Least Recoil Build in Season 2

The FFAR no recoil attachments are: (Updated)

  1. Muzzle – SOCOM Eliminator
  2. Barrel – 19.5 Reinforced Heavy Barrel
  3. Underbarrel – Field Agent Grip
  4. Ammunition – Stanag 50 Round
  5. Stock – Raider Stock
Best FFAR class Cold War no recoil

Hopefully you do not use an optic on this weapon. But if you do, you can swap the barrel in this FFAR 1 no recoil setup for the optic of your choice. Though, that would reduce the damage range and bullet velocity of your gun.

FFAR Best Loadout – General “META” Build

This is the FFAR best loadout Warzone used for maximum effectiveness in the Battle Royale. This fits well in the Meta these days along with the AUG or M16 loadouts.

The FFAR best attachments Warzone are: (Updated)

  1. Muzzle – Agency Suppressor
  2. Barrel – 19.5″ Task Force Barrel
  3. Rear Grip – Serpent Wrap
  4. Ammunition – Stanag 50 Round
  5. Stock – Raider Stock
FFAR best loadout Warzone in Season 2

This was the FFAR no recoil loadout Warzone. You can pair this gun with a Marksman Rifle like the KAR98K, SPR or with a Tactical Rifle like the AUG, M16 etc.

Stay tuned and keep visiting for more Warzone Loadouts and news on FPS games. Give your feedback or ask any questions in the comment below.

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