You are currently viewing Call of Duty VANGUARD 2021 | All “LEAKS” you need to know

Call of Duty VANGUARD 2021 | All “LEAKS” you need to know

Just like every year, it is about time for the release of a new Call of Duty game. There are many leaks and rumors floating around about the new COD title named Vanguard. Although we haven’t heard a word from Activision or developers themselves, but there is a lot to know about the game.

Reminder – These are all leaks and gathered intel from trusted sources, but are subject to change and vary. I haven’t posted pictures, but shared their links below for you to take a look at.

A huge thanks to some beautiful people like “@TheGhostOfHope and @_Tom_Henderson_ for all this information which the Call of Duty fans have been craving for. Also, Activision has been quite liberal to people posting these leaks this time, so cheers to them. Here is all you need to know about COD 2021 and the rumored intel so far.

COD Vanguard Important DATES

  • 19th August – Reveal Trailer
  • 27th August – Closed Alpha
  • 10th September – Closed Beta Weekend 1
  • 16th September – Open Beta Weekend 2
  • 5th November – Call of Duty Vanguard Release Date
  • 23th November – Season 1
new warzone map in call of duty vanguard 2021
Possible new Warzone map tease

In Game Features and Content for COD 2021 and Warzone

  • Built on the Modern Warfare and Warzone engine i.e., IW8 (improved).
  • Historically accurate and dark campaign with multiple protagonists set in WWII.
  • Takes place after Nazi’s defeat in World War 2 in the year 1945.
  • Dynamic Weather for Multiplayer and Warzone.
  • Integration with Warzone at launch with a completely new map for Warzone, possibly based in Pacific theater of the war. This new Warzone map will be bigger than Verdansk.
  • More aerial and ground vehicles that also includes dogfights in air for Warzone and COD Multiplayer.
  • Will feature a Zombies mode which is being made by Treyarch as lead developers.
  • Ties to the fan favorite “Task Force” from Modern Warfare franchise (already teased).
  • 20 Multiplayer Maps in total at launch, including 16 Standard 6v6 maps and 4 “Special” maps. Special maps will feature a new mini-battle royale like Warzone mode.
  • War Mode as a replacement for Combined Arms/Ground Arms.
  • Champions Hill will be a probable new mode similar to the Fireteam Dirty Bomb mode from last year’s Black Ops Cold War.
  • Season 1 content drop of the new Call of Duty Vanguard will supposedly drop just 18 drops after game launch.
  • The gameplay will include small scale “destruction” features like the Battlefield franchise. This means destructible floor, walls and doors.
  • New and top notch Anti Cheat for Warzone. This will be backed by machine learning and has been in development for about a year.
  • Maps and location in campaign will cover a lot of ground, which means locations from the Pacific, African and European theatres.
  • There could be a feature of blind firing and tactical grenade throws.
  • A Vanguard Integration or Reveal Event in Warzone featuring armored trains. Already being hinted by voice-lines heard throughout the map.

Here is a link to the new Warzone Victory cutscene featuring the Vanguard Protagonist and the deadliest sniper in history, Polina:

Few more teases sent out to content creators by Call of Duty for protagonists from various countries:

New Zealand, Russia, U.S.A., U.K.

This post will be updated from time to time when new info drops on the game. All game credits to Activision. Checkout more Warzone content on the website.

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