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The Best C58 Loadout Warzone is META

The new Call of Duty Warzone Season 4 update came with 3 new weapons i.e., MG82, C58 assault rifle & Nail Gun. In the last post we saw how the MG82 is the new META and is completely broken. Here, we will look at the best C58 Warzone Loadout and how it is a top dog in AR category.

The MG82 is broken for now and will be nerfed in a patch soon. But this new C58 Assault Rifle in Warzone is a well balanced yet extremely powerful weapon right now. This makes this gun a lot fun too use. Below are the C58 best attachments for the near meta build, just like the FARA 83.

The C58 Warzone Build shown below is for long range and best paired with an SMG. You can make a sniper support C58 build but I wouldn’t recommend it and here’s why. The C58 has a great damage output, almost zero or no recoil but has a low fire rate. This makes it an AMAX competitor. But, for close range and sniper support you need a weapon with a preferably fast fire rate.

Best C58 Class Warzone (Top Tier Viable)

  • MUZZLE: Suppressor
  • BARREL: 18.7″ Ranger
  • OPTIC: Axial Arms 3x
  • UNDERBARREL: Field Agent Grip
  • AMMUNITION: 45 Rnd Drum
best warzone c58 loadout
Most powerful AR with a slow fire rate

#NOTE: If you can handle the recoil without Field Agent Grip, which I presume you absolutely can do, use the Serpent Wrap for better ADS speed.

I will explain these attachments in brief now for those interested. The Suppressor is must and gives you better bullet velocity and recoil control for long range fights without sacrificing much on ADS speed like the Agency Suppressor. The Ranger Barrel is the best choice for long range engagements as it gives maximum bullet velocity and good recoil control. You can use the Task Force Barrel for better recoil control but it increases the ADS speed. The Optic is a personal preference and you can choose between 3x or 4x. Furthermore, the Field Agent Grip gives you better control so that aim is stable while spraying at 80 meters or more. At last the STANAG 45 Rnd Mag will improve the ammo capacity with no reduction in ADS speed. You can use the 55 Rnd Mag but because the fire rate is slow, you are good with the 45 Rnd.

You can pair this new C58 gun in Warzone with any SMG of your choice. Here are some recommended SMGs – CX-9, MP5, Milano 821, MAC 10.

To conclude this post and answer this question – Is the C58 good? I am going to say yes. It is an absolute beast but you have to use it at long range for best results. The C58 weapon will find a way in the new Warzone Season 4 Meta alongside the FARA 83 after the MG82 is nerfed.

I hope you liked the content of this post. Let me know any queries or thoughts in the comments. Keep visiting for similar Warzone Loadout guides and other content.


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