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The Complete Bloodhound Lore Apex Legends

We are going to explore the backstory of “Bloodhound” in Apex Legends. This is the second Apex Lore after Pathfinder on this website. “Bloth Hoondr”, more commonly known as Bloodhound is a technological tracker and a Recon Legend.

This article explains why Bloodhound’s tribe hated technology earlier and why he joined the Apex Games.

Blod Hundr  most commonly known as Bloodhound

The information in this article is compiled from various trusted sources and developers of the game.

Origins and the Disaster

Bloodhound lived with their mother and father on the planet “Talon” in the Outlands. Their mother was a Mechanical Engineer and their father was a Fuel Engineer. They worked for IMC near at the place now called the World’s Edge.  

Bloodhound's home planet Talos

The IMC was working there to unearth the mineral called Branthium. The Outlands were facing an event called the ‘energy crisis‘. And then, Branthium was discovered which turned out to be a great source of energy.

In order to acquire these Branthium reserves, the scientists of IMC had to make a coolant system. This would harden the vast amount of lava beneath the surface of Talon, and crystallize the Branthium. Everything was going well until a major accident happened.

World's Edge Coolant leak Disaster

There was some sort of leak/explosion in the coolant system which caused a large-scale disaster. It consumed and froze everything in its path to a great distance. Unfortunately, Bloodhound’s parents and many others died in this accident.

Bloodhound's parents dies in the World's Edge disaster

{#In the present days, Hammond Robotics is in-charge of unearthing the Branthium as we see in the map.}

Upbringing and the Final Test

After the disaster, Bloodhound was rescued from their house by their uncle “Artur”. Artur is the leader of the village situated away from the disaster site. The people of this village believe in ‘the Old Ways’ and the Allfather. This culture is loosely based upon the Norse Mythology of the Earth.

Bloodhound and his uncle Artur in the Old Ways

Because of the incident that almost wiped the planet, these people disgrace and reject technology. They believe that machines are unlike men and cannot be trusted. Bloodhound grew up to their teenage in this village following the Old Ways.

Bloodhound received his heirloom for the final test

Finally, after training for several winters, the day came when Bloodhound had to take the final test. They have to kill a “Prowler” to prove that he is worthy. They follow a blood trail to find that creature. But on their way, they stumble upon an underground facility of the IMC.

Bloodhound goes inside the bunker and finds a “Charge Rifle” which they were extremely fascinated by. But little did they know, that place was the lair of the huge beast named “Jotunn”, who had terrorized the people for years. Bloodhound somehow managed to shoot the beast with the weapon. The beast fell with one of his horns detached.

Bloodhound betrayed the old ways by using a machine

Bloodhound took the horn as proof and buried the charge rifle so that their uncle doesn’t find out how he used a machine to killed the monster. But Artur’s raven saw how Bloodhound killed the beast and informed him. Artur rejected Bloodhound’s victory and as they betrayed the Old Ways.

Bloodhound slays Jotunn beast with the charge rifle

As Bloodhound was wandering off, the Jotunn returned but only angrier. Artur and villagers fought but to no avail. Bloodhound dug out the charge rifle, took its core and threw it at the beast. The Jotunn was distressed by the explosion and left. The people were unharmed except for Artur. He was heavily injured and counting his last breaths. He forgave Bloodhound and said that perhaps the weapon doesn’t matter. What matters is that Bloodhound saved many lives there.

Uncle Artur dies and hopefully goes to Valhalla

Bloodhound went to the lair to kill the beast once and for all. The crow guides them to use the coolant pipes. Bloodhound hit the pipe with their axe and everything started to freeze including the beast. Bloodhound had to put on a mask to stay alive which they have to put on always (and still does). They smash the frozen beast with their axe and destroys it.

Bloodhound kills the beast and survives by wearing the mask

They then cremated their uncle’s body and now leas the village. They carries the legacy of Artur by keeping the skull as their headgear, and of course the raven as a companion which they named Artur, after their uncle.

Bloodhound's Raven and appearance

How they became the Technological Tracker

After their uncle’s demise, Bloodhound eventually convinced the people to use technology along with the old ways in a balance. Several travelers went through Talon and people hosted them well. Once a professional tracker and hunter named “Boone” came there.

Boone came to hunt for a beast called “Osedur” for prize. Osedur was an amphibian creature with powers like great speed and invisibility (camouflage). Bloodhound gave Boone permission to hunt the beast. Bloodhound offered his help to kill the creature.

But this creature couldn’t be tracked by Boone like others. They needed some advanced equipment. Bloodhound suggested to make the heat signature tracking device and combine it with Boone’s tools. Boone gave this new gadget to Bloodhound to equip which they call “Sonar”.

Bloodhound's ability of sonar and heat detection

They started their hunt and found the beast. But the beast was in hibernation and Bloodhound refused to kill or capture it during its sleep as it would be unethical. But Boone was stubborn and took the beast with him without Bloodhound’s knowledge to his planet “Solace” in the Outlands.

Bloodhound was furious and went after Boone to his planet. This was the first time Bloodhound left Talon. He found Boone, who was displaying the beast to the crowd for applause and parading his bravery. But the beast woke up, attacked Boone and tried to escape. Bloodhound tracked the beast’s heat signature and killed it. But Boone succumbed to his wounds and died.

Bloodhound killed the beast

This act of bravery gave Bloodhound recognition and a chance to play in the Apex Bloodsport. Since then, Bloodhound takes part in the Apex games and collects victories as offerings. As he thinks these offerings will make the Allfather forgive Boone, his friend, and let him go to Valhalla.

This was the lore of Bloodhound from Apex Legends known till date. More will unfold in the future of course. These incidents were taken from the ‘Stories from the Outlands’ and ‘Apex Legends: Pathfinder’s Quest (Lore Book)’.

Stay tuned and keep visiting for more Apex Legends Story and Lore. Add your thoughts and facts in the comments below.

‘A special thanks to all the people who have corrected me and made me realize the importance of the gender(non-binary) & the pronouns used for Bloodhound.’


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    It’s incredibly important to respect pronouns, no matter whether others are uncomfortable. It’s respect towards a person’s identity, it would be wise to change the article when you can.

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    Bloodhound does not go by he/him pronouns. It’s disturbing that you did this much research on Bloodhound and left out something as important as their proper pronouns. There’s no way that you weren’t aware that they’re non-binary. It’s really annoying to see people appreciate and talk about this character without using something as basic as the proper pronoun.

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    Bloodhound is not male, they are non binary. Boone is also their lover.

    1. Thanks for adding the extra details. But in the Pathfinder’s Quest Book, Boone is referred to as a good friend of Bloodhound who he despised later.

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