The complete Bangalore Lore in Apex Legends

The complete Bangalore Lore in Apex Legends

Bangalore’s Lore and Backstory in Apex Legends is quite a tragedy. I have covered all the details about this legend and her family we know so far in this article. I have gathered the information shown in this post from Apex Legends: Pathfinder’s Quest (Lore Book) and Titanfall 2 game.

Sergeant first class Anita Williams aka Bangalore
Sergeant first class Anita Williams aka Bangalore

Bangalore Origins and Death of her Eldest Brother

Bangalore’s real name is “Anita Williams” and she was born on the planet of Gridiron. She was a member of the IMC Adonis Squad with a designation of ‘Sergeant 1st Class‘. Her family members were had many soldiers for the IMC throughout generations.

Moreover, Anita had 2 elder brothers namely “Jackson” and “Zeke“. Jackson and Bangalore are just 1 year apart but very competitive with everything in life. Whereas Zeke, is the oldest among the 3 siblings, worked as a scientist for IMC on the planet Typhon.

Bangalore Brother Apex Legends Jackson Williams
Anita Williams and Jackson Williams

Particularly, the competition between Bangalore and her brother Jackson evolved into a lifelong game. They created a scorecard to mark their achievements and who did it first. The first one to complete a 100 dares or challenges would win.

The basic training for Jackson and Anita to get recruited as a soldier in the IMC lasted 2 years. In 2715, at the end of boot camp, they were graduating and Jackson got a “Gift” for Bangalore. Jackson got his marching orders 1 week before Bangalore. Also, the last contest for a 100 wins was to get the marching orders first. Subsequently, Jackson won the lifelong game by treading 1 point ahead of Anita after 20 years of bets and challenges.

Bangalore aka Anita Williams training as IMC soldier

Therefore, Jackson was the ‘better Williams sibling‘. But during the graduation ceremony, the news of Militia raid on Typhon came and everyone was shocked. The planet was destroyed and every life on it was gone, including Bangalore’s eldest brother Zeke. Bangalore was furious and wanted revenge from the Militia for taking the lives of hundreds of thousands of IMC soldiers and innocent scientists.

(Know more about this attack on Typhon in Wraith’s story – CLICK HERE)

 Typhon destroyed by Militia Killing Bangalore's brother Zeke Williams

The Williams family had a tradition called ‘The Williams Sendoff‘. They partied the whole night before someone from the family was deployed. They invited everyone including the friends, neighbors and even delivery persons. Anita and Jackson were to join the “IMS Hestia” as crew on their 1st assignment.

Battle of Gridiron and Separation from brother Jackson

The IMC gathered all the resources from Typhon and gathered at their last stronghold, Gridiron. The IMC was a great disadvantage and was about to lose the Frontier War to the Militia. Eventually, they lost their support as the Apex Predators (headed by Kuben Blisk) and the Remnant Fleet abandoned them. There was no leadership to call the shots either.

The Frontier War between IMC and Militia Apex Legends Titanfall
The Frontier War

Furthermore, the Militia attacked Gridiron and the final battle happened. The Skeleton Crew along with “General Lewis” smuggled an “item” from Typhon wreckage into the IMS Hestia ship. It was the “Ark“. The General decided to run away from the fight while they still can by using the Ark’s power. Bangalore resisted this decision and wanted to fight, but her brother Jackson somehow persuaded her.

The Ark from Titanfall and Apex Legends on IMS Hestia
The Ark

They used the energy from the Ark to amplify the phase technology for transport. The IMS Hestia reached the borders of the Outlands in 1 year, which normally would have taken 20 years to travel. Subsequently, the use of Ark caused an anomaly resulting in “the Blackout” throughout the Universe. It took the Blackout 5 years to travel from Gridiron to the Outlands. It disrupted all the communications, satellites, power lines etc. in its way.

During their final years on the Hestia, Jackson and Bangalore did some odd jobs and spent time together as they couldn’t make the 20 year trip back to Gridiron. One day, a live grenade appeared on the outer hull of the ship out of nowhere. The explosion separated a large chunk of ship away including Jackson with it. Jackson was lost into deep space. But Bangalore still believes that her brother is alive somewhere.

Explosion on IMS Hestia Bangalore Lore Apex Legends
Bangalore lost her brother in the explosion on IMS Hestia

After months of grief, she was going through Jackson’s belongings and found the “Gift“. This is the same gift Jackson got for Bangalore on their graduation. It was the scorecard and a letter in Jackson’s writing. Jackson insisted in the letter that Bangalore is the winner of their lifelong game as she graduated minutes before him. Because the name Anita comes before Jackson, right.

This was the story of Bangalore and how she lost her brothers but still hopes to find one of them. She later joined the Apex Games in the Outlands as a Legend. She is angry sometimes when she thinks about all her people she lost in the War. Yes they were IMC, but they still were humans. She also gets hate all the time from the people in the Outlands. They think of her as evil because she was IMC. But they don’t know that she was just a soldier, the real evil were the leaders and decision makers of the IMC.

Hopefully, the Apex Games will give her enough money and resources to make the 2 decade long trip back to her home planet Gridiron.

EXTRAS – Pathfinder’s Creators

The Williams family had a friend they referred to as “Uncle Al“. He was also the 81st Battalion just like Bangalore. Although, he died in an explosion on planet Psamathe way before Bangalore’s birth. He was the security for someone working on an IMC science project to save ‘the future of the Outlands‘. This was the “Project IRIS“. This is somehow linked to Pathfinder’s creators.

Bangalore Apex Legends Lore and Backstory

This is all you need to know about the former IMC Sergeant First Class Anita Williams and current Legend Bangalore. hope you enjoyed this Bangalore Lore Apex Legends. You can check out stories of other legends too on this website.

Drop down any additional details or queries in the comments. Thanks for reading.


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